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We are aware that construction sites are an attractive target for vandalism, scrap merchants and opportunistic thieves. It is common for a lot of construction sites to suffer some damage at various stages of a project, often repeatedly. I it is of our knowledge that in some cases, insurance companies will refuse to insure construction sites without any evidence of the security measures in place, therefore there are many benefts related to having a security officer at your site.

At AMR Cleaning Services, we are committed to ensure that our customer construction site is fully protected. As one of the UK’s leading security providers we employ only qualified security guards to carry out a full construction site security plan to keep all of your assets safe.

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Our construction security guards will be provided with full site training and will be equipped with the tools to deliver quality assurance whilst on site.

Our clients appreciate the way we keep their sites safe and the professional manner in which our team operate. We like to keep the client informed about any security issues that occur whilst the guard is on site through our daily occurrence log sheet. Our construction security guards london are trained to escalate serious issues to the control room who can call emergency services or the site manager if required. We appreciate two-way communication and will visit the site regularly to check the guard is performing their duties.

A lot of our clients have praised us on our ability to deal with Traveller and Homeless issues and the problems which can be associated with empty construction sites. Our guards maintain rigorous access control and ensure no unauthorised visitors or workers enter the site.

Construction sites are a high target for criminals who may look to steal machinery or tools, or to vandalise sites that are close to completion or hand over. We advise our clients to securely lock up all machinery and tools at night and to highlight to us the problem areas on site.

Children are also a major issue for construction sites. Their unauthorised access is extremely dangerous and an occurrence that all site managers will attempt to avoid. Our guards are aware of the ways in which children attempt to enter construction sites (to retrieve a ball, or for somewhere to hide) and have been advised to tackle these issues in a sensitive but forceful manner.

Our specialty

With our complete package we are able to tailor the below construction security services to your exact needs, such us: