Corporate Security Services

Why Choose AMR Private Security Services for Office Security

The corporate and office environment is an area in which the security officer is responsible not only to secure the premises, but to represent the face of your business to the world.

At AMR Private Security Services Ltd we offer reliable, professional and service orientated security guards to deal with your security requirements who are the most suitable for the role. 

If you’re looking for concierge security to meet your individual front of house needs, we can offer professional, efficient and amicable personnel to welcome and monitor your guests, 

If you want to create a protected and relaxed environment for your staff and visitors, our expert reception security guards can help create the right first impression.

The public sector has the important responsibility of protecting some of the most vulnerable people in society.

We understand the pivotal role that ensuring your assets, employees, visitors and data has in sustaining a successful business. Our office security guards will make it their priority to ensure a safe, secure and comfortable corporate environment.

Our guards will note all incidents found on their patrols in the log book we provide them with. This will then be conveyed to your staff at the point of hand over or, in the event of an emergency to your out of hours contact number.

The majority of our guards have completed fire marshal training and basic first aid training. They are also fully aware of the issues surrounding terrorism and have been provided with Project Griffin training.

All of our office security officers are SIA licensed, and enhanced DBS checked to ensure they are qualified to work on your site. We conduct drills and scenario situations for our guards during training to ensure they are suitable for your site. This helps us to identify the best team to help you to secure your site and protect your staff.

Our 24-hour operations team support our on-site staff to provide all our customers with an effective and efficient service. They can communicate with the guard on your site to assist them with any issues and ensure the integrity of your site is maintained.


As well as securing your site, our guards will also ensure that your building remains in a safe and operational position. Whilst patrolling the site, our guard will ensure that: